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On Thursday, November 30th, our beloved Joseph Via III (Lizzy) passed away at the age of thirty one. Lizzy is survived by her devoted wife, Dawn Via, her loving parents, Joseph Via II and Sue Frederick-Via, and amazing sister, Sergeant Ashley Via. Lizzy and Dawn had no children. Lizzy was born in Harrisburg and later moved to Northeastern School District where she graduated. Lizzy then remained in York to be with her wife until her passing. She participated in Cub Scouts for many years, played on multiple sports teams, and played the bass drum in marching band. Lizzy worked at several places during her lifetime, some of those being Sheetz, UNFI, and CP Flexible Packaging. Lizzy was studying to go into the Cybersecurity field.
Lizzy was an avid gamer and had over 1500 video games in her game library. Her favorite game as of late was Squad, a realistic military shooter. She enjoyed other series such as Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six Siege, War Thunder, and Call of Duty. She refused to play Mario Party with her wife and mother-in-law most of the time. Lizzy also enjoyed VR gaming and was excellent at Beat Saber.
Other hobbies Lizzy partook in were watching movies, photography, and drone flying. She had a fondness for singing; performing karaoke was how Dawn and Lizzy met. She had taken up tennis casually at Cousler Park with her wife. She loved going to concerts and had seen Slipknot, System of a Down, Ice Nine Kills, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Coheed and Cambria, Five Finger Death Punch, Elton John, and Metallica. Dawn and Liz would often sing songs by these artists together at high volume. She had also dabbled in coffee roasting and tasting, gleefully sharing her knowledge and roasts with loved ones. She had an excitement for adventure, having visited New Brunswick, Canada, and Cancun, Mexico.
Lizzy was a brave, thoughtful, warm-hearted individual and who was always on the lookout for anything she thought someone might like or need. Lizzy liked introducing people to new things, even if it was as small as a new brand of energy drink. She would frequently bring her wife coffee after she got off of work, especially if she was having a hard day. She was a good cook, able to make various chilis, soups, and pasta dishes without a recipe. No matter the task, Lizzy would give it her all. Lizzy’s transition was hard-won.
Lizzy will be remembered for her spirited humor, her tech savviness, and empathy for others.
The funeral will be held at Gladfelter Funeral Home on Friday, December 8th at 2 pm. The home will open at 1 pm for anyone who would like to arrive early to sign the guestbook or mingle with the family. There will be a box for donations to the family if one hasn’t already been made to the Go Fund Me at:

Joseph Via III (Lizzy)

January 20, 1992 - November 30, 2023

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